How to Sell Branded Publications

Focus on your personal success and/or our testimonials on the website

Remind them that any businessperson would much rather work off referrals

Learn and share the basics of the product and why does it work

Let your prospect know if they use your link to sign up, they will receive some great discounts

Let them know that being top of mind or the “go to” in their industry is the fastest and best way to become successful

How to use your affiliate page

Post on social media - provide images already on the page

Promote in Instagram stories

Run ads on social media - webinar

Promote in email newsletter or email signature

Promote on your blog

Implement on your own website

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This is a phenomenal way to stand out from the competition. Take a look: [Add your affiliate link] Struggling to stay connected with clients? Check this out: [Add your affiliate link]


Have you heard of ReminderMedia? Outstanding marketing that really makes a difference to my bottom line. I use them and they’re great. [Add your affiliate link]


I’ve gotten [insert quantifiable results] from sending my contacts a personally branded magazine. The BEST ROI of any marketing I’ve ever tried. Click and see one for yourself: [Add your affiliate link]


Hi [name], I wanted to let you know that I’ve become a member of ReminderMedia’s Affiliate Program. I’ve been using their personally branded magazines for [X months/years] to promote my business, and it’s worked so well for me that I wanted to let you know about it too.

Their magazines are top quality; clients keep it on their coffee tables. There are four to choose from, and each is 48 pages of beautiful images and great articles that clients look forward to receiving. It’s branded in six places with your photo, business, and contact info. They mail it to your exclusive list of contacts at no additional charge six times a year (that’s six touchpoints you don’t need to worry about).

The magazines work because they keep me top of mind. I get repeat business and referrals I probably wouldn’t get except that they receive this valuable gift from me consistently.

I wouldn’t recommend you check them out if it didn’t work.

Click my link here and find out all about it.

Good luck! [Insert your signature]


Hi (name), I want to respect your time so right up front I’m letting you know that this is a sales pitch for a marketing strategy that I use myself, but it’s possible it may not be a good fit for you.

For [X months/years], I’ve been keeping in touch with a select group of my best clients by sending them my own personally branded magazine designed and mailed for me by ReminderMedia. I’ve gotten such phenomenal results in the form of repeat business and referrals that I decided I would become a member of their Affiliate Program.

[Include a story or some numbers to reflect your results.] This is marketing my clients want to receive; they actually look forward to finding it in their mailboxes. It works because it keeps me top of mind, it’s perceived as a gift, and it makes following up ridiculously easy (I can tell you more about that if you want.)

If you want to try a branded magazine for yourself, let me tell you what you’ll get:

  • • A gorgeous, 48-page, coffee-table quality magazine that ranks up there with top quality publications. The quality is crazy good. There are 4 different magazines you can choose from, so pick the one that you think your clients will like best. Changing to a different magazine is no problem.
  • • Your photo, business, and contact info are printed on the front cover, inside front cover, back cover, inside back cover, and two tear-out cards that are great for sharing. That’s 6 places (lots of other companies only give you 4).
  • • Prime advertising space to showcase your products or services, call out a special deal, or anything else you want to promote.
  • • Automated delivery six times a year to your exclusive list of recipients. Shipping is included, and no one else can mail to your list. You don’t ever need to worry about missing an important touchpoint.

I’ve saved the best for last . . .

  • • You can personalize the letter on the front inside cover down to the individual recipient at no additional cost. I’ve used my letter to wish people a happy birthday, happy anniversary, to ask about family, and it’s so much better than a generic holiday card.

Usually the one-time start up fee is $299.99, but because I’m an affiliate, they’ll drop it to only $99.99. Plus, you’ll get 15 FREE magazines to use any way you want.

Like I said, I’m not sure if this would be a good fit for you but, if it looks like it is, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Oh, and the customer service is top notch.

Just click here. [Insert your affiliate link.]

My magazine was a complete game changer for me. Truthfully, if it didn’t work, I wouldn’t be promoting it.

Best, [Insert your signature.]


Looking to stand out from the competition? Use a personally branded magazine to market your business! Join ReminderMedia, and for less than the price of a greeting card, send a high-quality, personalized publication to your exclusive list of recipients. Branded to you in 6 can’t-miss places with prominent advertising space. One-time start up fee is only $99.99! Plus get 15 FREE magazines! Click my link today. [Insert your affiliate link.


Want a unique way to stay top of mind? Send your sphere a personally branded, professional publication 6 times a year! This is marketing your audience will WANT to receive. Get past the trash can and onto the coffee table where your name, photo, and contact info are visible to all. Engaging stories, beautiful images, and sound advice on topics like home, garden, travel, health, business, and more. Choose the magazine that is right for your audience. A one-time start up fee guarantees you are the only one sending to your recipients! Plus, get 15 FREE magazines. Click my ReminderMedia link and get started today. [Insert your affiliate link.]


Nothing will make you look more professional, bring more enjoyment, garner you more referrals, and keep you consistently top of mind that your own personally branded, professional publication. With 4 magazines to choose from, you can send your audience marketing that they’ll actually WANT to receive! Your photo, business, and contact information are prominently displayed in 6 key places, including tear out cards for sharing. A one-time start up fee guarantees you are the only one sending to your recipients, plus you get 15 FREE magazines. Don’t wait! Click my ReminderMedia link and get started today. [Insert your affiliate link.]


magine marketing that recipients WANT to receive! You can send an exciting, personally branded, professional publication to your list of recipients 6 times a year! It’s automated marketing that gets you past the trash can, into the home, and onto the coffee table. Choose from 4 gorgeous magazines the one that best suits your audience. Your photo, business, and contact information appear in 6 prominent spots, and you can personalize your magazine down to the individual recipient at NO ADDITIONAL COST! Stay top of mind! Click my ReminderMedia link today and get 15 magazines FREE. [Insert your affiliate link.]