Your Very Own Publication!

Connect with your past clients and prospects on a regular basis by sending them a free bimonthly subscription to your very own personally branded magazine!

Nothing Else Comes Close...

This is the ultimate marketing tool for generating consistent deals from your network! Honestly, we don't think anything else even comes close.
Why do these magazines get such amazing results?
First, they make you look impressive. Image isn't everything, but like it or not, it is important – especially in service-based industries like real estate and insurance. These are 48-page, professionally designed publications that rival the quality of mainstream magazines like "Real Simple" and "Architectural Digest." You are going to look good and instantly elevate your brand image over the competition.
Second, they're perceived as a gift by the recipient, so they generate reciprocity and referrals.
Third, a brand new issue goes out every two months, ensuring you remain top of mind consistently.
Fourth, because we do this at scale and have been refining the production and print process for over two decades, we can mail out a full magazine for you for less than the cost of a Hallmark card! You won't find anything else this cost-effective at this level of quality.
And there is so much more!
Before you place your first order, read through the full list of everything you get with this program, and just a few of the hundreds and hundreds of 5 star reviews these magazines get. We can't wait to blow you away. :)

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69% have referred the professional sending them the magazine 1 or more times!


31% were prompted to refer BECAUSE they received the magazine!

Step 1

We give you a beautiful 48 page magazine and brand it to you and your business.

Step 2

We deliver a new issue to your chosen recipients every 2 months on autopilot!


You look really impressive to your sphere and stay top of mind consistently so you start getting more consistent referrals.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Best marketing for our sphere that I’ve ever experienced and I’ve been in real estate 30 years. A joy to send and also to bring to local businesses. Also great for listing presentations. Very well produced and best customer service ever. Fast responsive and personal. Have nothing critical to say!~ It’s perfect !~”

– Tess Klimm

Broker/Owner Realtor®

Here's Everything You're Getting...

4 Magazine Choices

Choose the perfect magazine to match the personality and interests of each of your recipients!

Imagine the power of sending a health and fitness magazines to the contacts on your list who are into fitness!

Home & Garden Magazine
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Lifestyle & Design Magazine
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Health & Fitness Magazine
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Business Magazine
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9 Articles Per Issue

Each new magazine issue contains 9-10 professionally written and designed articles, crafted to entertain, inspire, educate, and engage your recipients.

Over 30+ Cover Options to Choose from Each Issue

Customized with your photo, logo, and contact information.

A Letter From You On The Front Inside Cover

We give you a prewritten letter each issue, but also allow you to customize an individual letter per recipient!

Two Customizable Tear Out Cards

Choose from over 350 pre-made recipe and DIY templates-each customized with your photo, logo, and contact information.

Customizable Back and Back Inside Covers

Use to promote anything you want! Highlight your team. Ask for referrals. Feature client testimonials. Feature a business partner.

Access to Our Full Resource Library

Free signage to make your open houses look amazing, beautiful buyer and seller guide ebooks to use as lead magnets, and so much more!!!

Access to Our Social Media Library

New Content from the Magazine in Digital Format to Share On Social Media

Likely to Move!

We use big data and predictive analytics to tell you which of your recipients are most likely to move soon! (Other companies sell this kind of data for $200/month. We give it to you as a free bonus with your magazines!)

Free Landing Page

Every magazine client gets one free landing page from our landing page platform! (These include DONE FOR YOU lead magnets!)

Discounted Digital Platform Pricing

All magazine clients get discounted rates on our unrivaled digital marketing platform!

Five Star Support

We are here to help you with everything! We pride ourselves on providing the best support in the business.

Ready to see the unrivaled quality of our magazines for yourself?

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