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The ReminderMedia Affiliate Program allows you to earn commission for customer referrals or sales using your unique affiliate link and website. Joining the program gives you new revenue opportunities to add to your business or simply earn commissions helping others earn commissions.

Earn 50% commission on the activation cost for all the magazine sales you generate + 5% recurring commission on every mailing!

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Make It Your Very Own!

About the Magazines You'll Be Promoting...

Personalized Front Cover and Letter. Covers may consist of four beautiful photos from inside of the magazine or one large image that features your personal photo, logo, and business info prominently. Each issue also features a letter that is tailored to that specific issue. As a sender, you are free to use our letter as a starting point, or replace it with your own personally written message.

Quality Content. This 48-page publication is jam-packed with riveting articles to engage readers. It features seven new articles in every issue, with each editorial presented in an aesthetically pleasing, high quality format.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Branded Magazine Service

What parts of the magazine can I customize?

  • Front and Front Inside Cover: Put your face in front of your most influential contacts. With your photo and contact info on the front cover and your personal letter printed inside the cover, your magazine will look like it comes straight from your desk.
  • Back and Back Inside Cover: Choose from our many template ads for the back and back inside covers, or create and upload your own artwork.
  • Tear Out Cards: Each magazine features 2 Tear Out Cards customized with your contact information. Choose from hundreds of cards featuring delicious recipes or other share-worthy content in many categories. Every time your clients share a card with someone, they pass along your information as well. Keep things fresh by changing the Tear Out Cards every issue.
Does this work for newer agents?

Absolutely! One of the biggest struggles brand new agents face is that they don’t have an extensive resume of past transactions to build credibility. Showing a potential client your very own professional publication where you can feature their listing is an amazing way to impress and reassure potential clients.

How often does it mail?

American Lifestyle magazine is mailed bi-monthly, providing you with a 6-issue, 12-month marketing plan.

Can I try it before committing to anything?

Yes! Unlike many companies, we will not lock you into an agreement right away. We’re confident that once you see the response you get from your first mailing, you’ll want to continue. Over 90 percent of our clients do. That’s why we offer a one-issue commitment-free trial mailing.

How easy is it to get started?

We’ve made sending your own custom magazine super easy. Get started in 3 simple steps:

  1. Send us a professional quality photo of you for displaying on the magazine. If you don’t have one we can help you get one.
  2. Put together your list of top contacts you want to receive the magazine. You can also mail some to yourself to hand out at open houses, drop off at local businesses and use at listing presentations.
  3. Your Marketing Advisor will walk you through using your account interface for managing and customizing your magazine.

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